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Negatives Become Positives

By Michael Aun

One thing that is consistent with all champions is that they turn negatives into positives. They never let their shortcomings become the dominating factor in their lives. They build around the negative so that it becomes surrounded with positive, and thus eliminating that which is less than perfect in their lives.

Perhaps there is no greater example than the story of Shelly Mann. She was born with polio and no one ever expected her to be much of anything in life. She would always be dependent upon those around her, so her doctors said. She was put into Sister Kenny Treatment in a pool. Her first stroke nearly drowned her as she could barely hold her arms up. She was three months behind every other polio victim in that pool. Her first stroke she ever took in swimming took her three months. Here were all the other girls splashing around having fun and she hadn't taken a stroke yet. Which one would you pick to be an Olympic Champion? Certainly not Shelly Mann.

To make the story brief, she developed that first stroke into a stronger stroke. And slowly but surely she turned the negative in her life into the positive. Her coaches watched as she improved and improved and how she developed into a champion swimmer. And finally, the world watched her with tears in her eyes as she climbed on the box to receive the Gold Medal in International Olympic Games as the breast stroke champion of the world.

It's not just in the sports world that this appears. Many of the greatest speakers of all times stuttered as children. There are literally millions of salesmen that as children were stutterers. Do you know how many of the greatest leaders in America were stricken with some kind of illness or negative in their lives?

Think of Lincoln. He didn't have much education. He failed in business in '31; he was elected to the legislature in '32; he failed again in '33; he was defeated for the legislature in '34; his sweetheart died in '35; he suffered a nervous breakdown in '36; he was defeated for speaker in '38; he was defeated for lecturer in '40; he was defeated for Congress in '43; he was elected to Congress in '46; he was defeated for Congress in '48; he was defeated for Senate in '55; he was defeated for Vice-President in '56; he was defeated again for Senate in '58; and he was elected President of the United States of America in 1860.

If we had the tenacity of purpose, the kind of commitment to a cause that Abraham Lincoln had, then we'd succeed at anything we do.

Think of Teddy Roosevelt, as he fought to recuperate from a crippling illness. He became known as Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt.

Think of Jack Kennedy, as he fought back an injury that kept him in pain throughout his adult life.

These men turned the negatives in their lives into the positives. They took the negative and they made them challenges. That's how they succeeded.

Are you aware that every single atom in the world consists of a negative and a positive? The electrons are negative and the protons are positive. Now the negatives can come and go. But the center of the atom is the positive proton.

Do you want to know what it takes in life that makes for greatness? It's the centering of your life in the positive. That's what makes the difference. If you'll make your nucleus one of positive nature, no matter how much negative there is around you, you will succeed at anything that you do. If you can conceive it in your mind that it is possible, then it is possible. Doing it is then only a matter of a process that must be completed.

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